frequently asked questions

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  1. What is SHORTSCORE?
  2. Where do I upload my avatar?
  3. How do you calculate the SHORTSCORES?
  4. What is the data source of the games?
  5. Why can’t I edit my SHORTSCORES?
  6. Is SHORTSCORE open-source?


SHORTSCORE allows everybody to rate their games. After a free registration every member can select a SHORTSCORE (or rating) from 1 to 10 and write a short text to explain why she or he likes or dislike this particular game.

In the end this will result in a big picture of the best games available.

Where do I upload my avatar?

SHORTSCORE uses the services of Please sign up there with your e-mail address you registered on SHORTSCORE. After that procedure you are allowed to upload your avatar on their site and will appear here.

Sound easy? You bet it is!

How do you calculate the SHORTSCORES?

The SHORTSCORES are calculated by a median average of all submitted SHORTSCORES to a game. That means if one person submitted a 7 and another one gave an 8 it will result in a SHORTSCORE of 7.5.

However if two people submitted a 7 and one single person gave an 9 the median comes into play: The final SHORTSCORE will be 7 because the 9 will be rated as an outlier.


SHORTSCORE implements a bar graph to visualize this process. It shows an overview of all submitted SHORTSCORES.

Why can’t I edit my SHORTSCORES?

If someone submits a SHORTSCORE of 8 and another one submits a 5 then the closed nature of the SHORTSCORES prevents the first person to change the 6 into and 10 to rebalance the scores.

What is the data source of the games?

The game data including images, meta data and game title is being pulled from the free and open web service TheGameDB. The data is being pulled every few hours over the API that service provides. This is free for everyone to use. Many popular services use this data source.

SHORTSCORE has its own set of data. There may be differences between the to databases.

Is SHORTSCORE open-source?

Yes! The base for this project is WordPress. I developed two plugins using the mighty phpStorm IDE. The frontend is powered by my Anor Londo Theme.

  1. Plugin for the import.
  2. Plugin for rendering and calculations.