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So many words in uppercase… but here it is: The SHORTSCORE API. Use it for whatever you want and ask me if you need anything.


The SHORTSCORE ID is the comment id from WordPress and can be found next to every SHORTSCORE.

Example request:

JSON Result:

shortscore: {
id: "374",
author: "stefan",
userscore: "10",
summary: "To keep it short: One of the best games, I've ever    played.",
date: "2015-10-20T07:52:23+00:00",
url: ""
game: {
id: "745",
title: "Dark Souls",
url: "",
shortscore: "9.5",
count: "4"

Feel free to use the API for whatever you like. I would be glad if you could drop me a line with a link to your project.

If you would like to know how it work check out the wp-shortscore-api code on github.

If you don’t want to code and are a wordpress user download the free wordpress plugin WP SHORTSCORE to present your SHORTSCORES at the end of your posts!